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LGBTQ Divorce/Domestic Partnerships & Civil Unions

New Jersey has been at the forefront of protecting same-sex couples’ rights in family law for the last 20 years. At Zemsky Family Law, we are proud to support the inclusive culture and advocate for the LGBTQ community.

New Jersey was one of the first states in the country to implement Domestic Partnerships when it did so in 2003. Following the results of Lewis v. Harris in 2006, the State Legislature passed a bill providing for civil unions in New Jersey as well as recognizing those formed in other states.

Nearly a decade later, same-sex marriage was legalized by a unanimous ruling of the New Jersey Supreme Court in Garden State Equality v. Dow. As such, same-sex married couples have the same rights and obligations as opposite-sex couples, including both federal and state benefits, which were previously not recognized.

At Zemsky Family Law, our New Jersey same-sex divorce attorneys are well versed in the termination of Domestic Partnerships and the dissolution of Civil Unions, as well as LGBTQ divorce, prenuptial agreements, and potential custody issues. We will confidently guide you through the process.

How We Can Help with LGBT Marriage and Divorce Matters

LGBT couples now have equal rights regarding marriage but also face legal challenges when it comes to divorce. Our attorneys are experienced in helping LGBT couples navigate the process related to marriage and divorce and can assist with matters like cohabitation, joint assets, or palimony agreements.

Since we are a full-service family law firm, we can also help with matters involving your children, like calculating child support during a divorce, finalizing a custody agreement, establishing adoption, surrogacy needs, as well as assistance with reproduction and donor agreements related to family planning.

LGTBQ Domestic Violence in New Jersey

We hope it never happens to you, but if concerns of domestic violence become part of your relationship, our attorneys are here to stand by your side and take legal action to protect you.

Contact our New Jersey Same-Sex Divorce Attorneys to Learn More

At Zemsky Family Law, we recognize that LGTBQ families face unique legal concerns. Our New Jersey same-sex divorce attorneys are standing by to help you and your family during what may be a very difficult time. Contact us today to get started.